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Knee Surgery

London Sports Medicine offer expert surgical options for a wide range of knee conditions. Based at the Hospital of St John & St Elizabeth the unit has access to a vast network of orthopaedic specialists able to cover all conditions off the knee. From treatment for knee pain to knee replacement surgery you can be assured you are being treated by London’s finest surgeons.

Knee Surgery

London Sports Medicine offers an unrivalled service to patients suffering from knee pain, knee injury or knee stiffness. A variety of knee surgery options are available including knee replacement, arthroscopy and meniscal surgery.

Knee Arthroscopy

Knee arthroscopy involves inserting an arthroscope (camera) into the joint through a small incision or porthole to view the inside of the knee. This can be done to confirm a diagnosis that is suggested by your physical problems and any special diagnostic tests that may have been carried out (e.g. x-ray, ultrasound, MRI scan) or to investigate pain for which there is no apparent cause to try and find a cause.

Knee Replacement

Also known as knee arthroplasty, this procedure involves removing one or more of the articular surfaces within the knee and replacing them with either ceramic, plastic or metal components.The articular surfaces in the knee are highly specialised cartilage layers at the ends of the bones, which allow smooth movement against the neighbouring bone while weight-bearing. Read more about the knee replacement procedure and our expert surgeons. Find out more about our knee replacement options and expert orthopaedic Consultants.

Meniscal Surgery

Meniscal Surgery is performed on a torn meniscus, often referred to as a torn cartilage, depends greatly on the location of the tear.  You can find further details on the anatomy of the menisci and on meniscal tears on our website. The outer section of the meniscus has a good blood supply so surgery in this area can heal well.  The inner section has little or no blood supply, so any repairs made to the meniscus in this area will not heal. Read more about meniscal surgery. Find out more about meniscal surgery.

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